Are The New York Knicks On The Cusp Of Another Golden Age?

Basketball fans in New York are cautiously optimistic for the first time in what seems like ages. Basketball lovers in the biggest city in the country have been dying to see their beloved Knicks return to a competitive state.

This has clearly been a trying time for anyone who follows the team, and the loyalty of millions of fans has been tested. The good news is the fact that things might finally be on the way back up for this weathered franchise. Halfway into the season, their winning percentage is better than it’s been in quite some time, despite the fact that they’re just 17-24.

First of all, a record like this should actually be considered good for this team, which went 32-50 last season and 23-59 the year before. At their current pace, they’d win 35 games.

While a pace of three more wins than last season doesn’t seem like too much of an improvement, there are a few other things that must be considered here.

First of all, this is a team that went 3-11 to start out the season. Some simple math would indicate that this means the Knicks have been 13-13 ever since their sluggish November start.

Ever since then, they’ve played basketball with a winning record, something fans haven’t witnessed in ages.

Between David Lee and Wilson Chandler, the team has two young talents that any team would be happy to have. Lee may even make this year’s all star team, as he’s averaging nearly 20 points and 10 rebounds per night.

While the team was largely criticized for its decision to draft Danilo Galinari two years ago, it looks like this decision might have been the right one. The 21 year old has shown loads of potential offensively and defensively, becoming one of the team’s best scorers in the process.

The pot is sweetened with one more pleasant surprise. The contracts of players like Stephon Marbury and other wastes of money will finally expire after the season finishes up. As a result, New York has every intention to sign one of the big names entering the free agent pool this summer. Things are about to improve even more.

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