Apple’s VR headset will require an iPhone connection — The Information

Apple may introduce it in 2022.

Apple’s first VR headset, which is currently under development, will need to be connected wirelessly to an iPhone or other Apple device to get full functionality, writes The Information.
According to the publication, Apple recently completed work on special 5-nm chips that will be used in the headset. The company has already prepared a key system and two additional chips that will form the basis of the device. The work on the technical part has been completed and now it’s time for trial production.
The publication notes that the processors in VR-helmets are not as powerful as in Apple Mac and iOS devices. The chip is designed to optimize wireless data transmission, video compression and decompression, but it does not have a neural processor. It should also increase energy efficiency.
Although the headset is designed to work with an iOS device, it will receive a central and graphics processor, so it can have an offline mode with limited functionality.
TSMC is engaged in the production of processors. The headset may be released as early as 2022, but the launch may be postponed if work on the device is not completed on time.
The possible release of a VR headset in 2022 was also reported by Bloomberg. In addition, in 2023, Apple plans to release “convenient” augmented reality glasses.

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