Apple’s New Chip May Be an Order of Magnitude Better than its Competitors

In an early stage of testing the Apple M1 processor, the company’s new innovative product, it was installed in a batch of Mac Computers and handed over to employees working with applications that require high computing power. This was a watershed moment: for the first time, Apple created its own chip for any of its computers, abandoning years of using the universal version from Intel.
After several teams tested the devices for several hours while working on tasks, they reported lightning-fast performance, but almost all noted an obvious problem. The MacBook Pro’s battery indicator, located in the upper-right corner of the computers, was faulty. He barely moved, despite the power-intensive programs running.
The joke, of course, is that the battery indicator worked fine. According to Apple representatives, the M1 chip was so efficient that it showed no real voltage – one of several major selling points of products that now use this chip. (Apple promises 20 hours of battery life for its 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 chip – according to the company, this is the most capacious battery).
Apple also claims that the M1 offers the world’s fastest processor core and the fastest integrated graphics in a personal computer: performance is 3.5 times faster, graphics processing is 6 times faster, and machine learning is 15 times faster compared to the previous-generation Mac.

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