Apple will switch to modems for smartphones of its own design in 2023 – Nikkei

The company will produce them together with TSMC.

Apple plans to launch mass production of its first 5G modem chip based on a 4-nanometer TSMC chip with its own components, Nikkei found out from sources familiar with the details of the negotiations. The company is also working on its own charging control chip for the modem. The iPhone 13 uses components manufactured by Qualcomm.
It is planned that TSMC will be the only partner in production. In mid-November 2021, Qualcomm announced that in two years it would provide only 20% of modems for the iPhone.
Sources said that testing will begin with 5-nanometer technology, after which the company will switch to 4-nanometer chips for mass production. Sales of the devices will not begin until 2023 — telecom operators will need time to check and test modems.
In 2019, Apple paid Qualcomm $4.5 billion as a result of a dispute over patents. Modems of own production will allow you to refuse to purchase a license from Qualcomm and create a chip of greater power, the sources explained.
In 2019, Apple bought the production of modems for smartphones from Intel for $1 billion.
TSMC is a manufacturer of iPhone A-series processors and M1-based chips for computers. TSMC engineers work together with the Apple development team.

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