Apple will stop producing the “smart” HomePod speaker and focus on the HomePod mini

Due to the high cost, the column was unable to win the mass market, CNBC believes.

The HomePod mini has been a hit since its debut in the fall of 2020, Apple noted in a conversation with TechCrunch. Therefore, the company decided to focus on the release of this model.
The original HomePod will be available for purchase until it runs out of stores. Apple will release a software update, and will also continue to maintain the speakers and support for the Apple Care program. The company did not specify how long this will last.
The company released the HomePod in 2018, but the column never won the mass market unlike the Amazon Echo or Google Home, CNBC notes. Although buyers noted the high sound quality, it cost $349 (about 32.3 thousand rubles) — this is more expensive than analogues. In 2019, Apple reduced the cost to $299.
The company showed the HomePod mini in the fall of 2020. It works with Siri, supports not only Apple Music, but also other audio services. At the start, the column cost $99 (about 7.27 thousand rubles).

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