Apple will postpone the release of a mixed reality headset until 2023 — Bloomberg

Initially, the company wanted to introduce it in 2022, but Apple had problems with overheating devices.

Apple is discussing postponing the release of the headset for at least a few months, Bloomberg writes, citing sources familiar with the company’s plans.
Initially, the company wanted to show the device at the WWDC developer conference in June, and then release it later in 2022. But Apple has problems with software and overheating of devices, sources say.
Now the company can introduce a headset closer to the end of 2022, and the device will not be available for sale until 2023. An Apple representative declined to comment to the publication.
According to other sources, Apple wanted to introduce the device in 2021, and start sales in 2022. The company has been developing a headset since 2015 and expects that in ten years it will be able to replace people’s iPhone.
The possible release of a VR headset in 2022 was reported by Bloomberg. In addition, in 2023, Apple plans to release “convenient” augmented reality glasses. The Information wrote that Apple’s headset will require connection to an iPhone or other company device for full functionality.
In January 2022, Bloomberg reported that Apple will not create its own “metaverse”, and the VR headset is intended only for entertainment and communication.

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