Apple plans to release more robust Apple Watch for extreme sports – Bloomberg

The watch could come out at the end of 2021, or in 2022, sources say.

Apple is discussing the release of the Apple Watch with a strong case, which will be designed for athletes, tourists and those who use the watch in extreme conditions, writes Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the matter.
The new Apple Watch will have the same features as regular devices, with the watch becoming more shock-resistant, sources say. They will have protection in the spirit of the Casio G-Shock watch.
The current version of the Apple Watch is popular among runners, tourists and swimmers, writes Bloomberg. But at the same time, Casio and other watch companies note high sales of more durable devices with additional protection.
Apple has held internal negotiations on the release of such watches in late 2021, or in 2022. Development of a new version of the Apple Watch may be delayed or canceled, sources say Bloomberg. Apple declined to comment.
According to Bloomberg, Apple considered the possibility of releasing a more robust version of the Apple Watch back in 2015, but did not implement the plans.
According to Counterpoint Research analysts, at the end of 2020, Apple held 40% of the watch market. The company doesn’t disclose how much revenue the watch category generates, but Apple Watch sales for fiscal year 2020 totaled more than $30 billion.

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