From the end of April, banks will be able to link the cards of the national payment system to the “Apple” mobile wallets.

The cards of the national payment system “Mir” will appear in Apple Pay at the end of April 2021. Banks will be able to link the cards of all public sector employees to the Apple mobile wallet. So far, only Android smartphones have this feature.
The changes in the operation of the Mir cards became known from the bulletin sent out by the payment system to credit organizations. According to RBC, this information has already been confirmed in several banks.
“Issuers will be able to provide holders with the opportunity to tokenize Mir cards on Apple devices to perform tokenized transactions using the Apple Pay service,” the document says.
The term of linking Mir cards to Apple e-wallets depends on each specific credit institution. Until then, the options of the Mir Pay and Samsung Pay services will continue to operate.
The head of the Board of the National Payment Council, Alma Obayeva, is convinced that this innovation will make Mir cards competitive with Visa and Mastercard systems. There are a lot of iPhone owners, and for them the lack of Apple Pay support was critical when choosing a payment system.
“However, the explosive growth in the number of holders of the Mir card should not be counted on,” added Obayeva.

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