Apple is hiring engineers to develop the technology for 6G — Bloomberg

Experts say that the technology will not appear until 2030, but Apple intends to participate in the earliest stages of development.

In mid-February, the company posted ads about finding research engineers for wireless systems, writes Bloomberg. The job offers state that engineers will work to create next-generation technology “that will have a profound impact on future Apple products.”
They will also participate in industry and academic forums dedicated to 6G technology. The lists include positions in Apple’s offices in Silicon Valley and San Diego, where the company develops wireless technologies and designs chips.
A company spokeswoman declined to comment. It follows from the vacancies that Apple intends to participate in the development of the new technology at the earliest stages. It is not clear when the technology will appear, but experts say it will not happen until 2030, Bloomberg notes.
In November 2020, Apple joined the Next G Alliance, which brings together companies that are working on standards for 6G and other next-generation technologies. The alliance includes Google, HP, Intel, and others. The standards and timelines for 6G are still unclear, but some analysts say the technology can deliver speeds more than 100 times faster than 5G.
Released in 2020, Apple’s iPhone 12 and 12 mini are the first in the company’s line to use 5G modems. However, Apple was not the first to introduce the technology into smartphones: Samsung, Xiaomi and others identified it.
5G modems for Apple were developed by the American Qualcomm. To work on the technology, the companies settled a two-year conflict: in 2017, Apple filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm for abuse of its position in the microchip market, Qualcomm in response accused Apple of harassment. In 2019, the companies reached an agreement and agreed to cooperate for a period of six years.
In December 2020, Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on its own modem for smartphones, which will replace the chip from Qualcomm. The company has a team that deals with this — these are engineers who moved from Intel in 2019.

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