Apple is developing AirPods that will be able to measure body temperature and monitor posture — WSJ

The device can also be used as a hearing aid.

The company is not going to release such headphones in the near future, and may even wind down the project altogether, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the company’s plans. Apple declined to comment.
It is not yet known whether Apple is going to embed features to improve hearing in AirPods or create hearing aids based on it.
Now Apple is already developing prototypes of AirPods that will measure the user’s body temperature inside the ear. In September, the publication wrote that the company is going to introduce a temperature and pressure sensor in the Apple Watch in 2022.
To determine whether a person is slouching or not, AirPods will use motion sensors in headphones, sources said.
Experts interviewed by the publication believe that the new features will expand the reach of AirPods, since millions of people suffer from hearing loss in the world, and many AirPods sensors can be used to create hearing aids.

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