Apple introduced iOS 15 with updated FaceTime, do not disturb modes, and notification sorting

The company is holding an online conference for developers WWDC-2021.

* The company will add the ability to create links to connect to a call in a web browser and allow you to add them to the calendar.
• The SharePlay feature will appear in FaceTime. With it, users will be able to watch videos together, listen to music and share a screen image, including watching Twitch, TikTok, Disney+ and other partner services together.
• FaceTime will also feature support for Spatial audio, a CrystalClear noise reduction mode, and a “portrait mode” that will automatically blur the background.
* Apple will add support for sharing from Apple services, as well as collages and “stacks” of photos.
• If there are too many notifications, the system will automatically group them in Summary: they will be sorted by priority — for example, messages from friends will be closer to the beginning.
• When the user turns off notifications, contacts in iMessage will see the “do not disturb” mode activated.
* The user can choose which contacts or applications to receive notifications from: for this, you can select the Focus mode — “work”, “personal”, “rest”. The function is enabled on all the user’s devices at the same time.
Photos and camera
* The Live Text function will automatically recognize the text in the image in the “Camera” (at the start, support for seven languages, no Russian). The text can be copied and pasted in another application.

In “Memories” in “Photos”, you can add music from Apple Music and share it with other users.
Other updates
• The Wallet will support other documents, such as a driver’s license. So far, only in the United States.
* Update of the Weather app: it now has a full-screen display of the precipitation map, air quality, and other information.

Maps update: more details about buildings in some cities, updated night mode, more details in driving mode, public transport schedule, and so on.
* Voice search appears in Safari.

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