Apple has suspended production of the new Apple Watch due to the complexity of the design — Nikkei Asia

The watch will have a “radically new” design and a sensor for measuring blood pressure, sources said.

Manufacturers of the new version of the Apple Watch began small-scale production, but faced problems with the quality of samples. After that, production was stopped — Apple asked component suppliers to postpone deliveries to assemblers, several Nikkei Asia sources familiar with the situation said.
Three sources said that the poor quality of the samples may be due to the complexity of the design. The company has completely changed the design of the watch and the location of the modules on the display.
According to four sources, the next Apple Watch will have sensors for measuring blood pressure. This means that more components will need to be installed in the same size case. The company will introduce additional requirements for water resistance, which further complicates the task.
“Apple and suppliers are working around the clock to solve problems, but it is still difficult to say when mass production may begin,” one of the sources added. Apple planned to launch the Apple Watch in mass production in mid-September, the publication reports.
In 2020, Apple delivered 36 million Apple Watches, which is 39% more than a year ago, according to research company IDC.

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