Earlier, the company presented a number of new products, including the purple iPhone 12 and the gadget for finding lost things AirTag.

Apple has presented an update of the iOS operating system version 14.5, which includes a new policy for managing confidential information. Users will now be asked for permission to use their search history in apps or on websites to advertise third-party products. Users can change the list of software that can access this data in the settings.
It is also noted that with the updated version of iOS, you can use the “smart” Apple Watch to unlock the iPhone when you try to use Face ID with a mask on your face. When the unlocked watch is on the wrist and near the smartphone, the user can look at the iPhone and then receive a notification from the watch that the smartphone is unlocked.
In addition, the updated version does not have the Siri voice by default — this allows you to choose the necessary setting for the voice assistant. Siri also now supports Group FaceTime for easier access to group video calls.

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