Apple has launched the Digital Legacy feature in the beta version of iOS 15.2 — you can use it to transfer your data after death

The function allows you to select up to five “heirs” who will have access to the user’s iCloud when he dies.

After the user’s death, the contacts selected by him can access documents, photos and purchases using the received key. To do this, they need to provide Apple with a death certificate of the account owner. This is reported by The Verge.
While the feature works in the beta version of iOS 15.2, it will become available to more Apple users when the update is fully launched. It is not yet known in which version of macOS the feature will be released. It was first presented in June at WWDC.
Before the introduction of Digital Legacy, it was very difficult to access the data and phone of a deceased family member. According to the iCloud user agreement, the information of the deceased is also considered confidential and is not disclosed. Therefore, a death certificate and a court order confirming the right to inheritance did not guarantee access to the data of a deceased loved one.
As The Verge notes, this became a difficult situation for Apple, because the company was criticized by relatives of the deceased. In 2016, the father of the deceased son asked the company for several months to grant him access, but Apple replied that they could not help without a password. In addition, both Google and Facebook already have functions that allow you to open access to another person.

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