Apple has begun to warn activists about possible surveillance through spyware on a smartphone

The company warned human rights activists from different countries that “state-sponsored attackers” could be watching them.

On November 24, Apple sent warnings about possible surveillance to at least twenty activists around the world who criticized the government, according to Reuters.
Political scientists, researchers and well-known figures opposed to the actions of the Thai government received a message: “Your device can be hacked by a state-sponsored attacker, he can gain remote access to your confidential data, messages, or even to the camera and microphone.”
Two political activists from Ghana, an opposition politician from Uganda and about ten journalists from El Salvador told about the same messages on social networks, the publication found out.
In November 2021, Apple sued the spyware developer NSO Group.
The NSO Group Pegasus program allows you to secretly and remotely collect data from other people’s phones. The authorities of 10 countries used it to hack the phones of journalists, human rights defenders and lawyers – an investigation into this began in July 2021.

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