Apple has begun to develop technology for wireless charging of devices at short and long distances — Bloomberg

The company is also creating a multi-charging analog of AirPower.

Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman shared Apple’s plans in his Power On newsletter.
The company continues to work on an adapter for simultaneous charging of several devices, despite the failure with AirPower, the release of which had to be canceled due to overheating problems. The device will differ from the dual MagSafe Duo adapter, which allows you to charge the iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, Gurman stressed, but did not tell details about the design of the gadget. The company is developing its own wireless charging technology with a small and long range. Unlike traditional inductive charging, Apple’s solution will allow you to recharge devices from a distance. It is not known at what stage the technology is being created. Apple expects that in the future all its main devices will be able to charge each other. It is assumed that the solution will allow users to transfer charge from iPad to iPhone, iPhone to AirPods or Apple Watch. Some Android smartphones have been supporting reversible wireless charging for years. It makes it possible to charge supported devices, such as smart watches or wireless headphones. How Apple’s technology will differ from this solution is unknown.
In 2021, against the background of how the European Commission introduced a bill on the introduction of a single USB-C connector for smartphones, the network again started talking about Apple’s possible plans to release an iPhone without a physical charging port. Such a solution would allow the company to circumvent the restrictions on the part of the organization.
In mid-November 2021, the idea of the EU to standardize the USB-C connector for smartphones and tablets was criticized by the USB-IF organization. It believes that the initiative of the European authorities will slow down technical progress and cause disagreements among users.

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