Any Orange County Employment Labor Attorney Will Stand Up For Workers

Lawyers hold an odd place in society since they are both needed and vilified at every moment. Everyone loves a good lawyer joke, but when something is taken from them and they are in a point of not having control, turning to a lawyer seems like the first course of action. Outside of car accidents and frivolous suing, there are many areas in which a lawyer can stand up for you in a way that you would not be able to do on your own. There are nuances in the legal system that requires a person that knows the language – that person being a lawyer. In the field of employment issues, there is an Orange County employment labor attorney that can help.

Working for someone is a two way street: you complete the job you are assigned and they compensate you. It is, however, never just this simple. Jobs can be wonderful environments where you grow in your skills and relationships to create a thriving and successful business, or they can be nothing more than a place where you are controlled through an imbalance of power. Employees have rights when it comes to a number of workplace issues that are clear violations, one of which is sexual harassment. Sexuality should not ever have to enter into your work life and as such, should be treated quickly when it ever arises.

Watching or reading the news, it becomes clear that we are currently experiencing a large stretch of unemployment. People are being laid off almost every day from jobs that have sustained them for years and for those still employed, they could be subjected to longer hours and work weeks. Increased work, however, should be accompanied by increased compensation. Overtime is something that is afforded to all workers, across all states. Know your rights and fight for them if you are being treated like slave labor!

This economy has also brought out some creative firing and hiring in many different fields. Experienced, older employees are being cast aside in order to hire new and young employees. The reasons for this are simply about money. An older employee, who has worked at a given company for a number of years is entitled to a salary commiserate to their experience.

This is, however, an issue that can be brought to court by the more experienced employee who is essentially being punished for being too valuable for a position. Not being able to get a job because of experience is also an an issue. Age discrimination can have many facets.

Age discrimination is just one of a number of reasons to discriminate. These reasons can be gender or race based, and can even extended to the physically disabled. If you have the ability to do a job, but are being passed over because of some perceived unfavorable quality that you have nothing to do with, it is discrimination plain and simple.

Sometimes you need legal help because you want to stand up, not just for yourself, but for a much larger group of individual. A whistle blower fights against business practices that are either unsafe or patently unfair, but being one can become stressful and even dangerous. Having the law on your side in any situation will give you the courage to stand up for what is right.

Lawyers who specialize in employment law do so because they understand that employment rights should be held up just as the rights of employers. There are a variety of gray areas and loop holes, that as an employee, you are simply not privy to. An Orange County employment labor attorney is waiting to sit and talk with you about any issues you may have.

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