When you first start to feel anxiety attacks coming on you need to see a Dr who is experienced in dealing with them. It can be tempting to wait and think that it was a one off that won’t happen again, don’t take that risk. Your Dr will be able to discuss the various treatment options for anxiety with you.

If you have anxiety and are looking for a miracle cure I am sorry to say that you are out of luck. Your Dr will go through a process with you, he will need to rule out any physical conditions that you may have that could be causing the anxiety. This is why you must tell the Dr the absolute truth about everything that is going on in your life.

There are so many things that can cause your anxiety that it can often be hard to diagnose exactly what the cause is the first time you see a Dr. Take the time to answer your Dr’s questions fully and never miss an appointment, he is your best chance of getting help and in the early stages of anxiety he may be the only person who ever knows you have it.

Your physical health could be causing your anxiety, do you have a heart condition or maybe you suffer from low blood sugar? Maybe you drink enough coffee every day to keep starbucks in profit for a year? These are all physical things that could be the cause of or part of your anxiety attacks.

There are no typical anxiety sufferers, everyone of us is similar in some ways but different in so many other way. The way we live is a huge part of that, if you look after your body you are less likely to suffer from anxiety, it is not a sure thing still but it will definitely help you.

If you are feeling like you are unable to work, not able to keep up with your normal daily work or social things, not able to keep up your appearance or hygiene, cut off social connections, have trouble sleeping and eating, and have trouble bathing. These are all signs that you may well be suffering from anxiety.

Many people work in jobs that have a certain level of stress and anxiety, some people seem to thrive on pressure. We are not all the same and the way that you deal with the level of stress in your life is a personal thing, you are not a failure just because you are not happy dealing with the stress and pressure that someone else does.

You are not the first person to have anxiety attacks and you won’t be the last, your Dr has seen people with it before and will be able to direct you to places where you can get help to deal with your anxiety. With the assistance of a Dr you can put your life back together and move forward.

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