Modern-day chalkboards have gone through a lot of changes through the years. The earliest chalkboard was a little slate with wooden frame. Students used the chalkboard as a substitute for paper, which was quite expensive. These boards were later enlarged enabling them to be mounted on classroom walls. They were sent to school all over the United States and revolutionized the way classes were taught. Teachers found them very convenient as they could present lessons visually.

Today, actual the original slate chalkboards are fairly far obsolete, and they are a find for collectors. It is though that the chalkboard was the idea of a geography teacher in the early 1800. It was used at West Point for numerous years before being replaced with the now popular whiteboard.

The whiteboard is what you find in most schools these days. Teachers and students prefer it to the chalkboard because it is clean – no chalk involved. The markers used to write on the board wipe off easily with a cloth and come in numerous lively colors.

Sadly, the old antique chalkboards are being covered up with porcelain whiteboard skins, or framed whiteboards are being mounted right over the old chalkboards. The methods are used, because removing old chalkboards can be quite a task, not to mention an expensive endeavor. It is much simpler to cover up the old board and replace it with new whiteboard.

One option is installing porcelain whiteboard skins. This does not involve manually removing the antique chalkboard. Whiteboard skins are very razor-sharp and require far welding from a professional. The old chalkboard should be treated and cleaned properly for the brand new contact cement to hold firmly. This process, however, can be costly.

Another option is mounting a framed whiteboard over the antique chalkboard. This is fairly easier than installing whiteboard skins and is not that costly. The brand new whiteboard only needs to be drilled and installed over the antique chalkboard. A major drawback, however, is that a fairly large amount of writing space can be lost.

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