Analysts have discovered a new TikTok vulnerability

It turned out that scammers collect personal data of users through one of the functions of the social network.

The vulnerability of the popular social network TikTok among teenagers was discovered by employees of Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. The researchers described the risks of personal data leakage in detail on the company’s official website.
During the analysis of the social network, experts found that hackers gain access to user data — phone numbers, email addresses and other information — through the “Find friends”function.
“This allows an attacker to create a database of users and their associated phone numbers, which can then be used for malicious actions,” the company warned.
Over the past year, Check Point has twice identified TikTok’s weaknesses and warned the owners of the network about it. If the problems are not fixed, users face not only the loss of personal data, but also their use for criminal purposes, the researchers warned. In the social network, in response to this, they promised to deal with the flaw.

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