If you are the discerning and curious type and you are easily intrigued by an action perpetrated by a person or by his expressions and mannerisms, you have the makings of a private investigator. Have you tried to watch your neighbor across your block because something about him appears strangely suspicious? During these moments, your instincts are on high alert, observing the behavior of your shady, strange neighbor. You frequently find yourself questioning “why?”

Another scenario is, your sister calls you in the middle of the night. She is crying so loudly because she guesses her husband is having an affair with one of his employees. She desires to know the truth and is very determined to expose it, but she absolutely does not like a confrontation with her husband. She tried phoning the police about this but felt laughed at because they did not care about her case.

If you are the type of person who is persistently annoyed by these situations, with an strong desire to find out the truth, then it appears you will make one tough online private investigator.

Can you just imagine what it would be like to explore police records to find out about your neighbor’s background, family history and employment history, only to determine that he had been arrested four times for drug assaults? Can you imagine searching through the motor vehicles department’s data base and local police reports to find out about a hit and run incident? Can you imagine following your brother in law around the entire day to find out whether he actually is having an affair or not? If you are already stirred by these scenarios, you may just be a private investigator in the process.

But to be a private investigator, your motivations must be untainted and good. You must have a hunger for the truth just for its sake, and not to destroy the lives of others.

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