An Introduction To The Italian Bead

Beads are a big part of the jewelry making business and Italian bead is one of the most popular styles to use. For centuries Italian beads have been used and their popularity today is still strong. They are affordable but that isn’t what makes them popular still, it is their beauty and their intricate designs. They give jewelers and the everyday person a chance to create beautiful pieces of art that women of all ages enjoy wearing.

Authentic Italian beads are of course, only made in Italy and with the best materials like stainless steel and 18 karat gold that is nickel free so that even the most sensitive skin type can wear them. Ceramics are used to create details and intricate designs on certain beads. You are guaranteed the quality of the bead, as each one is soldered, not glued, and usually is stamped or marked to indicate the designer.

Only authentic Italian beads are handcrafted by artisans, showing the dedication and care put into each piece. For example, the Murano beads are created on the Murano Isle off of Italy. You’ll find many beads that try to copy these special beads, but it is impossible to capture the same beauty by imitation.

These beads are used in countless ways in jewelry and fashion today. You’ll find that necklaces are the most popular choice when designing with these. But designers aren’t the only ones using them; the every day public is also finding they are great for creating their own necklaces, allowing them to design unique patterns because of the large selection to choose from.

The same can be said for bracelets, which are worn by men and women today. These can be bought already designed or like the necklace, you can make one yourself. Since each bead is so unique, no two bracelets will ever be the same, guaranteeing that you’ll have a one of a kind piece on your wrist.

But bracelets and necklaces are not your only choice, anklets are very popular, especially in the warm weather to help show off the legs. An anklet created with these beads adds a touch of flair and when combined with charms and an assortment of beads will catch the eye of anyone around you.

The Murano glass beads are perfect for designing your own earrings and rings because of their unique colors and the way the colors splay out in many patterns within the bead. If you are not handy with creating you can even buy them already made, and each one will be as unique as the bead you choose.

Because of the uniqueness of each Italian bead, every person that wears these as part of their fashion style is able to show their own individuality and personality with the colors and designs they choose. They provide the ability to make a new pattern every time you wear them, interchanging beads and charms to match your outfit or your mood. No matter how you put the beads together, no two pieces of jewelry will ever be the same, which is what makes these beads so unique.

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