An Introduction To Password Software

In today’s world, with so much done on-line, pretty much all you do requires a password. While there’s a temptation to have the same credentials for everything, that’s not recommended. Password software can help you organize your credentials.

Social media sites, gaming sites, banking and credit card sites, and many others all require you to enter a set of login credentials before you’re allowed access. You might even need a set to login to your computer at work. As tempting as it is to just use the same credentials for everything, experts recommend against it. If a data thief were to steal those credentials, he’d have the keys to your whole kingdom.

Security experts say that you should have at least three sets of credentials. One for personal, social, or gaming sites, one for financial or business sites, and one for you computer at work. The main reason, is that some gaming and social media sites have had problems with security. Some have had vulnerabilities, such as SQL Injection problems, that have allowed data thieves to break in and steal passwords. By having different sets of credentials, you can give more protection to the sites with more sensitive data.

Of course, there’s also a possibility that credentials could get stolen from other sites, as well. To protect against this, you could assign different credentials to each individual site, instead of using the above three categories.

Some folk will be tempted to use login credentials that are short and easily remembered. Some may just use the name of a spouse or pet. This would make it rather easy for a data thief to crack or guess their credentials.

But, good strong credentials could be hard to remember. So, the temptation is to write them down. Now, that’s okay, as long as you keep the paper in a secure place, like your billfold. Even so, if you have a lot of credentials, that’s really an unwieldy way to keep track of them.

Some web browsers have a built-in utility to store credentials for different websites, but this method can sometimes be vulnerable. Security researchers have been searching for ways to remotely exploit this feature.

There are lots of different programs that can help you organize your login information. A lot of these can generate a strong set of credentials for you, and then store them in an encrypted database. That way, you only need to remember one set of credentials, in order to access all of the others.

Many of these programs are cross-platform, and will work on Windows, MacOS, Linux, or even hand-held devices. You can share the same database across all supported platforms.

You’ll find more facts about password software by searching the web.

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