An Easy Guide To Selecting Shower Curtain Rails And Towel Rails

Shower curtain rails and towel rails add a pinch of comfort, luxury, and ecstasy to the bathroom. Both though part of rails are different from each other in many aspects. Still buying any one of them needs same considerations as buying the other because the parameters for selecting the best curtain rails or towel rails are similar.

The parameters of selecting a shower curtain rail or towel rail remain same because they are similar in many aspects namely use, installation, and availability.

Use: Shower curtain rail is used for hanging the curtain while the towel rail is used for hanging the towel. In other words, both are used for hanging something.

Installation: They both are installed on the wall in a suitable place in the bathroom. Shower curtain is of course fixed where there is a shower might be on a bath tub or to form an individual shower enclosure. Towel rail on the other hand is installed near the shower or the bathtub so that it is in easy reach.

Availability: They are open in dozens of varieties varying on the basis of material used, shape, size, and price. They both are made of same material like if there are plastic material towel rails then there are plastic material curtain rails also.

Selecting a bathroom shower, curtain rail or towel rail is not as easy a job as it sounds. There are different things you need to assess before you zero in on a particular product. Determining your need regarding the type of product is the first thing you will be required to do. If it is a rented house then of course anything will do but if it is your own house then you surely need something special.

You have different choices here in terms of material and finishes like wood, chrome, steel, silver, metal special colours, plastic, brass, gold, dark and wrought iron. Here again there are different types of rails like the simple rod ones, rod with designer ends, suction fit and screw fit, tracked rail, double curtain poles, ring towel rails and numerous others. Hence, you need to answer:

1) Do you need a simple or a designer product? 2) What material or which finish will look fine in your bathroom. 3) It should be suction fit or screw fit? 4) How far money you want to spend on the purchase?

A good look at the bathroom can solve nearly all your queries. After you decide, what type of product will look good? Take the dimensions of the area on the wall where you wish to fix them. After this, it is time to shop for them, get seated on Internet and Google shower curtain rail (Google single product at a time) now Google towel rail.

From the options click on some of the websites you feel might be interesting. Depending on the price and the design of the shower curtain rails and the towel rails, select those, which fit in your criteria.

Before you click, add to cart button check the dimensions they should match the dimensions you have taken or else you will face fitting problem. A fine piece of advice is to also go through the return and refund policy (just in case you might need).

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