There are many ladies that are unsure about clothing and jewelry. Many peer into their closets and just cannot find even one thing to wear. Are you like them and hope for a completely new wardrobe that is nothing like what you currently have? If so, there are basics that can benefit you if they are in your wardrobe.

With clothing and jewelry, you cannot go wrong with a little black dress. A little black dress is a versatile piece. It is ideal for situations where you have to go to a work related function of importance. Besides that, you can go out partying wearing one or even just for a relaxing night of cocktails. You can make it dressed up or dressed down with the right accessories. This way, it will suit your personality better and it will go properly with the occasion.

Next, you should have a button up blouse. It should be well constructed and have clean lines. It looks professional for the workplace. You can wear it casually too. For the office, it can be paired with a skirt or a nice pant. For leisure, pair it with a skirt, jeans, shorts, or capri pants. Blouses like these come in numerous styles that have different detailing. Blouses with lace look good for more formal attire. A patterned blouse makes a plain blazer look more lively.

The third must have thing in any wardrobe are jeans. Jeans look good on every body type. All you need to do is pay attention to the cut and fit. They come in straight leg, bootcut, skinny, flare, and wide leg. It is important to find the one that looks the most flattering on you. Also, you want your jeans to fit well. Jeans that are too tight or too loose do not look good on anyone. They come in different washes of blue and additional colors as well.

Last, a good plain t-shirt never goes out of style. It is considered an essential basic, meaning everyone wears them sometimes. T-shirts are a nice option because they come in the most color varieties imaginable. They also come in different cuts, like v-neck, boat neck, scoopneck, and square neck.

As for the matter of jewelry, a pair of diamond stud earrings can never be wrong. They do not even have to be genuine diamonds, glass and other substitutions look fine. It is cheaper this way also. They go with any outfit and will not clash, no matter the occasion.

A statement necklace is also a key piece. It does not have to be big in size to make a statement. What you want to do when wearing one is make your plainer outfits pop. These necklaces look very nice if they are of vibrant color so experiment with that concept.

So with all the information you have taken in about clothing and jewelry, you should be confident you can get the most out of your wardrobe. Have fun with your personal style and take advantage.

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