An Animation Director Is A High Paying Job!

No man is an island, especially when one’s creating animation. Even the smallest cartoon creation involves a handful of people. The big ones utilize small armies, from voice cast and studio engineers to inbetweeners and artists on to runners to producers. Every army, even a small one, must have its upper brass, and the field general of it all is the animation director.

Animation or supervising directors are the main persons between those who control the money, aka the producers, and those who actually do the work. They are personally responsible for hiring all the personnel. While they have the knowledge of what every one under them does, this doesn’t mean they do the work themselves. Instead their job is to provide guidance when needed; otherwise their main job is to get whatever they are in charge of done on time and on budget. Don’t stop reading here, get more information about courses online.

Animation directors are responsible for keeping everything in style throughout the production, and often are the main liaison between the animation department and all the other departments such as voice casting, sound and editing. On longer format projects, such as TV series or video games, they report to a producer regarding delivering a required quota of film on schedule and on budget.

Animation directors were usually established and respected animators before they got their chair. In addition to their animation talents, they established good leadership, management and organizational skills as they moved up from such departments such as storyboarding, story editing, layout or design. If this interests you, be sure to look into Online Computer Science and Engineering Degrees.

While most of these directors have a Bachelors of Arts in Animation from a recognized on campus or online college, a large number have comparable degrees such as Fine Arts. From there, they advanced through various animation jobs, even being as low as a runner. No less than John Lasseter, now the head of Disney and Pixar’s creative endeavors, likes to brag that his first job at the Magic Kingdom was as a groundskeeper at Disneyland.

The latest development in the position is they must also become used to working with overseas studios. Many top TV projects are initially developed domestically and the grunt work, such as coloring and inbetween work, is then shipped out to countries like South Korea for budgetary reasons. This means an animation director must also be a diplomat and comprehend the work habits of completely different cultures.

In regards to salary, the best thing that can be said is the closer one gets to California, particularly Los Angeles or San Francisco, the better the pay. Professional studies do note the median salary for a young director is about $58,000 a year. If one works on a hit, the sky is the only limit. The job can even pay after it’s over thanks to residuals.

While an animation director may have to report to those who govern a studio’s purse strings, that’s about it. At the same time, you’ll be hard pressed to find an animation director who ever really retires. They love it too much. Uk marriage visa Online school can you get you started since they offer Uk marriage visa online animation degrees!

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