American Settlers Would Love Modern Cabins

Through out American history living in a cabin was and still is such a unique way of life. In the early days a cabin was habitable if it had a close stream as a water source, a window, an entranceway, and a few sparse bits of really rustic furniture like a bed, a table, and at least one chair. That was basically all a cabin needed as a way for it to be livable. Nowadays, people still love their cabin decor, but most of them like it to have a few more amenities besides a just a wobbly bed and a table.

I doubt that there are many living with the bed, table and chair as in the old days, but many are flocking to the new modern cabins with electricity, fridge, air conditioners, running water and even satellite tv. Some have even taken the green route by installing solar and wind power systems so they can live off of the grid, but do not be mistaken, they have all of the amenities of a modern home,but still have that down home feel to them.

Technology has bridged the gap between the old and the new in a way that any modern American can enjoy the best of the past and the latest and greatest of this era. The moods can be set with modern decor and furniture that can make you feel like you are taken back to yesteryear while enjoying comforts that the settlers could in no way fathom. It is almost like a paradox to be in a room that gives you an atmosphere of the old days and a back to nature feel while enjoying the comfort of climate control, modern fabrics and today’s most advanced lighting, all wrapped up in one place.

Beds can be purchased that use some of the finest wood available like oak, cedar, or pine. Furniture pieces made from these woods are lasting and durable for generations to come. Then There are the other furniture pieces that are required as well like bed tables, occasional tables, a kitchen table and chairs to go along with it.

You can even find coat racks and towel bars made from antlers, lighting from elk fixtures and many more combination’s that can make the whole cabin feel like a home from the past, but without the sacrifice of modern technology. If you are one that loves nature and feels more at easy in a natural environment, then maybe modern cabin life is what you have been longing for. Take a look around, and see if that something you have been missing is now available to you now, you may be surprised by the changes a quick tour can make in your life if you visit a modern cabin.

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