It is certainly worth your while, to consider Arizona real estate, if you have decided that it’s time to relocate to a different state. This article will provide you with the basics of Arizona and the FSBO real estate market.

The biggest metropolis in Arizona is Phoenix, and it is getting bigger all the time. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, the economic hub of the state and the sixth largest city in the United States. Phoenix is getting so big that it has actually merged with the adjacent cities of Tempe and Scottsdale, Arizona. Phoenix always seems to feel as though it is a brand new city, which means a lot of people believe that it has no authentic past.

If you want to attend sporting events, Phoenix has a nice selection. There are professional teams in football, baseball, and basketball. Phoenix even has a professional ice hockey team, the Phoenix Coyotes. Only in America could a city in the middle of the desert have an NHL team!

If you want to get out of the cold, Phoenix is the state for you. You can expect temperatures of 100 or higher during Phoenix’s summer months, but humidity is generally nonexistent. Evenings can get cool during the winter, but day time temperatures remain in the 70’s.

If Phoenix is the modern metropolis, Flagstaff is the traditional western town. Flagstaff, located on the world renown Route 66, is home to Arizona State University, and is thus known as a college town. Also called ASU, there are more than 30,000 students who attend the university and make up a large part of Flagstaff’s population.

Arizona real estate is very reasonably priced compared to other states. Phoenix average home prices usually fall around $300,000. Arizona has seem home values appreciating over 25% over the past year, which has made it a top real estate market.

Arizona is a take it or leave it state because of the heat index. If you are someone who loves sun and doesn’t mind some hot temperatures then real estate in Arizona may just be for you.

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