Amazon has started offering users $10 coupons for biometric data for Amazon One palm scanners

The scanners allow contactless payment for goods in the retailer’s stores, but it is unclear how widely the company can use the data obtained.

Biometrics of palm prints should be linked to an account on Amazon, writes TechCrunch.
Amazon introduced its biometric palm print scanners Amazon One in 2020. Scanners allow customers to pay for goods in some stores with a wave of their hands. Now the scanners are working in Amazon stores in the United States, including New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Texas.
Amazon promises to use biometric data to improve the technology. According to the publication, the palm print itself has no value, but if the user connects it with an Amazon account, the company can collect data about the buyer and eventually use it for advertising and recommendations.
The company stores the data indefinitely, but the user can send a request for deletion. Amazon declined to comment.
The publication recalled the company’s experience when it sold Rekognition facial recognition technology to the police. In 2018, human rights activists demanded that Amazon stop selling the facial recognition system to the authorities.
In 2019, the company entered into contracts with city authorities and police departments to distribute its Ring surveillance cameras.

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