All About Use Of Nanotechnology In Cosmetic Product Testing

Most of us do not know what nanotechnology is though companies engaged in cosmetic product testing do know quite a bit about such technology and in fact use it to ensure that their products are passed fit for use by consumers. Even many people that are engaged in the beauty business are unaware about how nanotechnology can be used for cosmetic product testing. However, there is no denying the fact that both nanotechnology and the beauty business are fastest growing industries and so it pays to understand why should nanotechnology be used for cosmetic product testing.

Atomic And Sub-Atomic Levels

In fact, major cosmetic manufacturers such as Estee Lauder and even L Oreal are believed to be using cosmetic product testing via nanotechnology to study nano-particles found in their cosmetic products. Nanotechnology is part of applied sciences and a technology that finds out more about matter at atomic and also at sub-atomic levels. This means that compounds can be poken down into very very small particles and this can prove to be very useful when used for cosmetic product testing.

The fact of the matter is that when particles become very very small they tend to develop new properties (chemical) and in addition nano-particles can enter into your skin and also the bloodstream as too the immune system and if they are toxic they can easily damage the skin. No doubt cosmetic product testing has to be done by each cosmetic manufacturer but unless they use technologies such as nanotechnology to check these minute particles they will not be able to say that their products are safe to use or that they have put the products through the most demanding cosmetic product testing.

It is only the major cosmetic manufacturers that are using nanotechnology in cosmetic product testing and as yet there are no definitive results as to the efficacy of such tests. It is however hoped that more and more cosmetic manufacturers will make an effort to ensure that their products are made to adhere to the strictest safety norms. Until then we have to hope for the best.

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