All About The Metal Cost

There are many different companies that now offer metal roofing cost estimates including standing seam metal cost estimates. Metal roofing is a cost efficient way to roof a residential or commercial structure.

Not only is the cost more efficient on the front end for standing seam metal roofing cost, but metal roofing also saves the consumer money for years to come due to the materials durability, strength and insulating properties.


Standing seam metal roofing costs are some of the best on the market in roofing material. Standing seam metal roofing material is composed of panels that are positioned side by side and are hooked together with a concealed fastener so that the finished look is like one unpoken panel. The metal has ridges in it of different sizes and depth so that the rain and snow runs smoothly from the roof, providing additional protection from the weather.

Standing seam metal cost is more expensive from other types of metal roofing material partly because of the design properties it has, giving a modern look to any type of structure. The panels come in different gauges which mean different thicknesses of the metal, with the higher gauges being thinner panels and lower gauges thicker panels. The gauge of the panels also affects the cost of standing metal. Copper standing metal roofing, which has a distinct look to it that some designers like to work with is some of the most expensive of standing seam metal roofing costs, running about eleven hundred dollars per square foot for the materials in addition to the installation costs.

Installation standing seam metal cost estimates run between five hundred to eleven hundred dollars, depending on the size of the project and the customization that is required. Galvanized standing seam metal is standard, giving the standing seam metal the protection of zinc oxide so that corrosion or oxidation from the elements is not an issue, allowing the roof to last up to forty years or more, sometime even under warranty for forty years depending on the company.

There is also cool metal roofing that helps to save cost by being coated with a heat deflecting metal coating that allows the air conditioning costs to remain lower, thus saving money in the long run even though the cost might be more expensive up front. There are also insulated panels that are filled with a liquid insulating material that hardens within the metal panels forming a solid insulated panel.

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