All About Online Casino Bonus Promotions.

There are now lots of online casino bonus promotions available to new and existing players at online casinos and poker rooms. These are designed first to entice new players to that casino, and second to reward the loyalty of existing players so they do not go elsewhere. When you register with an online casino you will find it well worth your while to check out the different types and amounts of bonus on offer. You should also be aware of any restrictions which may apply.

Casinos such as those in Las Vegas and Atlantic City have always made promotional offers to their customers. Offers such as free meals and rooms would entice clients to a particular casino.

Now, with the growth on online casino gambling there are hundreds of online casinos for players to choose from. The casinos fiercely compete amongst themselves to attract new customers and to keep the customers they already have.

Casinos will try and gain new clients by offering sign-up bonus (or welcome bonus). This is only available to players who have not already registered an account at that casino. The three types of sign-up bonus are: the no-deposit bonus, the deposit match bonus and the free money bonus.

Sign-up bonuses have a condition called the “wagering requirement”. Players do not get access to the bonus money in their account until they have met the wagering requirement. This means that they will have to first earn the bonus by wagering a certain amount of money in the casino. Be careful to check the wagering requirements when comparing the amount of bonus from different casinos.

There may also be restrictions about which games must be played to earn the bonus. In a “Slots Only” bonus you will not earn the bonus unless you have wagered the requisite amount on games of slots. Money wagered on other games does not count.

If you are an established player then you may be eligible for loyalty bonuses. These may be free gifts: jewellery, free trips and electronic items are common, but most often the loyalty bonus may just be some money in your account. The rules for loyalty bonuses are usually pretty simple: the more you spend the more bonus you earn.

The online poker rooms and casinos have found that these casino bonus promotions are the best way to attract and retain clients. Always compare the bonus offers when choosing an online casino.

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