In-vitro fertilization also called IVF includes the fertilization of a human egg cell in a lab and implantation of the embryo or the fertilized egg in the uterus or the womb of the woman for pregnancy and birth.Every single time, an embryo which is a result of in-vitro fertilization is sent to be frozen for later use in IVF implantation.

In-vitro fertilization is a treatment procedure for women who have the difficulty to get pregnant.The procedure is used to help conceive and have a normal period of pregnancy. The procedure can also be used to prevent the transmission of hereditary diseases.Fertilization will happen not in the test tube, but in small container which is called a perti dish.

Test tube baby is the popular name fir a baby resulting from in vitro fertilization.There are some procedures you can follow to produce a test tube baby.The first step would to gather eggs from the woman.But even before they are collected, the woman has to take some medicines to stimulate the ovulation process.When the eggs are ripe, the surgeon then performs an operation to remove them.

The next phase of IVF implantation involves the fertilization of the egg and its development in the laboratory.After the egg is removed, it is taken to the lab where it’s placed in a special fluid for about 6 hours.Then the partner or a sperm donor supplies the sperm specimen.This should take place at least 4 hours after the eggs have been collected.The sperm must have special washing and incubation.They are then mixed with the eggs and left for around 18 hours.To follow the procedure, the eggs are reexamined to check if it has fertilized.They are also returned for culture for the next 24 hours.

Following the fertilization procedure, that grown fertilized egg will be transferred into the woman’s womb.To minimize the risk of having multiple pregnancies, only a few eggs are given back to the woman.

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