Founded in 1980, Herbalife International is a leading global nutrition, skincare, and weight loss company. It is currently distributing its various products in over 70 countries worldwide through a strong network of about 1.9 million independent distributors. As among the world’s biggest nutrition and health companies, the company is occasionally facing legal and safety challenges. However, as of the moment, none of those impediments and charges have been upheld anywhere in the world.

Quality controls behind Herbalife products are always in place. Their raw materials including botanical ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers around the world and are manufactured in accordance with established quality standards. Herbalife suppliers and manufacturers are obligated to follow Herbalifes written procedures that are verified by periodic audits and inspections. Two clinical studies using Formula 1 have been conducted at leading universities bringing creditability to these products.

The product range of Herbalife is wide and is varied. It includes protein snacks, protein shakes, energy and health supplements, and of course personal care products. To date, Formula 1 protein shake is still the company’s top product. This soy-based meal replacement shake has been among the initial products produced and marketed by the company. The product range of Herbalife also notably includes many targeted products specifically for the digestive health, heart health, and skincare.

There are some testimonials of the customers who have taken Herbalife products. The consumers who have taken Herbalife products state that, there is an increase in stamina and energy level. The products are very effective in weight loss and provide relief form arthritis, headaches, acidity and other inflammation ailments.

One of the best things about the Herbalife business opportunity is the great support and training they offer each new business owner. Herbalife offers training seminars that cover everything from how to make the best sales to getting to know the products.

They provide meetings that help a business owner get their business organized and meet other business owners who can provide tips and ideas based upon their experience.

Herbalife has really made a record in the marketing industry. Yet, your success in the said venture isn’t secured if you do not have the marketing skills and knowledge. So if you want to sponsor 10-20 people a month, you should equip yourself with the right set of knowledge and skills. Your success depends on you and not on the company and products.

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