Alcohol Rehabilitation : The Process

It requires a lot of guts from individuals to accept the fact that they are addicted to something and they need an external help to get them over the habit. The people who accept that they need help from are more likely to get benefited from the program.

Also the individuals who know in advance what to expect from an alcohol rehabilitation program tend to do better in the program because they are more at ease when entering the facility – and therefore able to “hit the ground” running with regards to their recovery.

The following information is designed to provide an overview of the different parts of the alcohol rehabilitation process. And although every program is different, this primer will apply in more than one way to almost all of them.

The admissions process is the first step upon entering an alcohol rehab facility. This is where a friendly admissions professional asks questions about the individual’s background and explains, in detail, how the program works. The individual is free to ask questions about the program and what they are about to experience.

Before any individual can start receiving care as part of the core alcohol rehab program, they must first go through detox. Alcohol detox (sometimes known as “drying out”) is the procedure by which individuals allow harmful alcohol toxins to leave their body. This process is often accompanied by uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, which is why there is a medical or counseling professional on hand to help the individual make it through.

Individual and group counseling are the heart and soul of the alcohol rehab process. This is where recovering addicts can work with counselors and their peers to cut to the heart of their problem and learn strategies for staying sober. Alcoholism is a psychological addiction as much as it is a physical one, and counseling helps address this component of the illness.

When an individual leaves alcohol rehab, they are still likely to face challenges in terms of maintaining their sobriety. Distractions and temptations are everyday occurrences. Aftercare programs such as 12-step meetings, follow-up counseling and sober living help the individual make that transition back into daily life as smooth as possible.

Health related programs. The good health of the recovering addict is as important as anything they will achieve during rehab. With this is mind, many alcohol rehab programs will incorporate exercise, yoga, meditation or nutritional counseling as part of the recovery plan. The idea behind these programs is simple: enhance the body and the mind will follow.

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