A few months ago, I bought a cool scooter that I ride every day. It completely replaced my trips on public transport, taxi, car sharing and private cars. Honestly, the scooter now replaces 90% of all my movements. All, except for multi-kilometer trips (commuter, intercity, etc.).

After the purchase, a reasonable question appeared – how to protect the transport from theft? There is no alarm in it, no ignition key either (not that its presence would greatly prevent theft.
The most obvious thing is a cable with a lock. I did not invent a bicycle (which was somehow stolen from me) and bought a regular bicycle lock, though with a password and not with keys. As a person who always loses the keys to everything – I recommend it. But the lock is to prevent theft. What if they cut it off? Or will it be removed in another way?
In thought, I was flipping through the Internet and came across a video on the Luchkov channel about the Apple AirTag tag and tracking the parcel with it. The idea seemed interesting to me and I thought – why not replace the parcel from the video with a scooter? Then if the scooter gets stolen, I can still track it down and return it.
Actually, after activating the AirTag, I unwound the soundboard of the scooter and put the label inside the case. Apple claims a year of operation on a single battery, so 10 minutes for disassembly and 10 minutes for assembly is a small price to pay for security.
The label transmits its position through any Apple devices, not just from my account. Taking into account the popularity of iPhones, iPads, macs and other Apple technology – the geo-location will be updated regularly in case of theft, the label “clings” to all devices that find and transmit their current geo-location. Magic.
Now I feel much safer for my transport. I hope I never have to really use this scenario.
Share in the comments how you like the idea and suggest your own scenarios for using such tags. It will be interesting to read
P. s.: in the plans to hang the second one on the dog. I don’t know what might come out of it, but it’s very interesting.
UPD: in the comments, we wrote about Apple’s restrictions to prevent surveillance and alerts on someone else’s iPhone. I conducted an experiment-I left the device tied to another Apple ID and took all my gadgets from the apartment. For 4 hours, there were no alerts, I checked on 12 pro max.

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