After She Cheated On Me, What Do I Need To Do So I Can Trust Her Again?

Are you wondering “what do I need to do so I can trust her after she cheated on me?” Learning to trust someone who has cheated on you all over again can be a scary move to make. Trust is one of those things that is often very difficult to earn back once lost.

Maybe you’ve grown up with the old adage about “fooling you once” and don’t want to let yourself be fooled twice. However, the only other option which is learning to close off your heart is really is no good either.

Now is the time to learn to trust your wife all over again. Take active steps in the direction of trust. What are the steps you have to take?

Distinguish What is and What is not Misleading

For couples not viewing issues in the same light, trust often lost or sacrificed. For the sake of your relationship, figuring out where you draw the lines as individuals and where those lines need to be is a must.

Before trust is further broken, clear the air. Having your progress completely undone by disagreements over what is and is not an act of dishonesty would be very sad.

Set up Re-evaluate and Re-evaluate them Regularly

When rebuilding trust things cannot go back to the way they were immediately and pretend that all is well. You need to have boundaries so that new trust can be earned. Don’t go back to nights out without you, late nights at work, and countless trips to do this or that with her girlfriends while you sit home and wait.

Create boundaries and hold the reins a little more tightly than normal until you’re ready to relax a little and trust that she will be where she says she will and with whom she says she’ll be with.

Expect the Best from Your Partner

Great expectations are wonderful. You’ll find in life that quite often people will live up to your expectations when you expect them to. It’s when you expect people to let you down that the real problems arise.

Expect her to regain your trust and let her know that you believe in her and your second chance. A positive outlook is the best kind of proactive psychological warfare you can find. Try it!

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