After He Cheats – Bringing Back Intimacy After Infidelity

No one knows more than you do about how painful it is to be cheated on by the man you have loved all our life. You might have googled “what to do with a cheating husband” and found that nothing works for you. And you might have haunted for that word “relief” only to find out that it could only be found on forgiving him.

And now that you have finally forgiven his cheating and decided to put things back, you found out that it’ s so hard to go back to square one. There are just some things you used to do together that are difficult to restore after his cheating like intimacy.

Lost Love and Chemistry

Intimacy after your husband has cheated is truly stressful for many reasons. Some of the more common problems you will face in the intimacy department include the following:



Unbelieving on husband’s words




There’s no shame in experiencing this wide range of emotions. But, if you want to make your marriage work, you are going to have to dive in and dig down deep to get to the bottom of them.

It’s a choice to move on and just allowing this emotional baggage to overwhelm you will in a minute drown you to separation.

Dealing with Intimacy Issues

If you just have the power to CTRL+X all your pains and empty them in your recycle bin and totally delete them forever, then it’s so easy get over the pains of cheating. Sorry to say, there is no such thing as that shortcut key. However, there are valuable and effective methods in dealing with intimacy issues after cheating.

Sit down and Talk it Over

Talk about your situation. Men don’t usually like doing this but make your man understand that if he really wants to work things out between the two of you then he will want to do everything to make things better in your relationship. Resolving cheating is not done through flying saucers, fistfights, or moving out, but through sitting down together and talk things out peacefully.

It’s a tough decision to restore marriage because intimacy is affected by the broken trust. But restoring intimacy can become fairly easy if both are willing to roll up their sleeves and work on the marriage together.

Seek Professional Counseling

Marriage counselors design the sessions specifically for specific marital problems. They don’t only help you get back together but they help you think maturely in dealing with the issue.

If you attend the sessions together and really take what you learn to heart you can both accomplish a lot of good from them. Isn’t your relationship worth a little discomfort in order to save?

You can save your marriage without sacrificing intimacy – even after he has cheated on you.

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