Afraid Your Girlfriend Is Going To Break Up With You? 3 Tips To Get Her Back Fast

When you feel like your girlfriend is about to break up with you it can be one of the worst feelings in the world. You obsess over every minor disagreement. You worry that every guy she talks to will be better than you. You think that every missed call was the one where she was going to tell you it’s over. When this happens to you, it creates a negative cycle. You want to fix things so bad, but it just seems to get more and more screwed up. How do you change things around and get her back? Can you make your girlfriend fall in love with you again? Keep reading for three things that will make it much easier to get her back.

One, stop focusing on the negatives. When you focus on all of the things you’ve done wrong, you can’t feel good about yourself. Even if your girlfriend isn’t about to break up with you, when you focus on how awful you feel, then it will create a bad relationship. Pretty soon, she will be breaking up with you even if she wasn’t about to before. If you change your focus from the negatives and the things that you don’t see eye-to-eye on, you will not only feel happier, but if your girlfriend is feeling that way too it will break the pattern. It takes two to create a negative cycle, but it only takes one to start on the path of negativity.

Second, try to remember the good things that happen in your relationship and do more of them. Start focusing on the positives, and it will be easier to get your girlfriend to love you again. If you think of two or three things you can do every day to make your girlfriend happy, then you will be focused on the happiness and keep moving forward. Then every day your girlfriend will fall in love with you more, and seeing her happy will help you feel better too.

Be as thoughtful and kind as you can to your girlfriend. If you are afraid that your girlfriend is going to break up with you, then you need to be mindful of her feelings. If you can show your girlfriend that you are listening to her, she will feel heard. This will go a long way towards getting her back. Let her know that you understand her, and be kind and thoughtful as much as possible.

Instead of searching for the quick fix that will save your relationship, just focus on what works. Stop focusing on what isn’t working, and focus on what you know will make the two of you happy. The more you can swing the balance from negative to positive, the better chances you have of staying together for a very long time.

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