Most people have heard of the normal elliptical cross trainer brands like ProForm and NordicTrack, but have you heard of a top quality company called AFG. If you haven’t and your in the market for a mid range elliptical which fantastic warranties, then you’ll want to read more about this company.

Advanced Fitness Group, is a business which was a spin-off of an additional sub-company, Horizon Fitness, which also makes treadmills, stationary bikes, in addition to power trainers. However, Horizon has been known for providing a huge line of fitness machines for people’s home gyms and are sold at a lower price compared to AFG. Whilst AFG possess a small link of around a dozen elliptical trainers which are almost all priced over $1000.

AFG does a lot of things right in terms of advanced programming and performance tracking technology, but they also believe in including the heaviest flywheel they can – yet still control the price.

Whilst they have only created a few elliptical’s they have ensured that they build them all to the highest standard. This is especially true if you were to examine they’re flywheels which are the most important parts of anything elliptical machine.

What’s unique about these elliptical trainers would be that the pedals are riding just 11 inches off the floor. If you’ve ever experienced the awkwardness and precarious height of climbing onto a rear flywheel elliptical, you’ll appreciate the ease of this cool design feature.

How Good Is They’re User Support & Guarantees?

An area wherever AFG elliptical trainers stay ahead of the competition is in the way the company protects the buyer when they purchase. The guarantee’s that are provided take all the risk away from the buyer and leaves it with them. This how confident they are that you will love they’re products.

It would appear that AFG have aimed they’re unique selling angle towards offering the best support in the commercial. There’s also other places to seek information including forums where you’ll be able to talk to those who own these elliptical machines and get a unique insight.

AFG elliptical trainers have taken on the toughest price bracket – the over $800 but less than $2000 market. They are good machines but not great considering the competition they have going against the best-selling, mid-range brands.

Overall, I believe that they are a smart choice for both gyms and even home gyms of a larger scale. They do an excellent job and provide all the support and warranties that you could hope to get which really takes the risk out of spending money with they’re company.

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