Affiliate Network – How You Will Get Paid

The internet has come a long way since its early days. This has lead to more individuals turning to the internet to generate additional revenue streams. Many of these new internet marketers have discovered that an affiliate network is the place for an individual with no products or services of their own to sell. Basically, an affiliate network is an online venue who brings advertisers into contact with internet marketers, also known as affiliates, to market their products in exchange for a commission. Such an exchange is common what is referred to as affiliate marketing.

The great think about affiliate marketing is that it sets expectations very clearly for all parties involved. Essentially, it really sets the stage for the performance under what is in all honesty a contractual agreement. The affiliate is aware that the advertiser is willing to offer (X) is they perform (Y). Hence, an affiliate who owns no product or service can generate a substantial revenue for promoting offers which belong to others. Moreover, advertisers who need exposure to their offers, but do not have the budget to spend on an advertising campaign which proves to be fruitless can pay affiliates only when they perform. However, how affiliates are paid will be determined by the structure which is utilized.

Hereafter, we will discuss four of the most widely utilized compensation methods of affiliate marketing:

1. Cost Per Sale or CPS: Cost per sale is a very straight forward method of affiliate marketing. There are rarely any misunderstanding which are not self-inflicted with this means of compensation. Essentially, affiliates are provided with a tracking link which is unique to them. If the product or service is being promoted via an affiliate network, this link will be provided by the network. Otherwise, it will be provided by the advertiser themselves. Each time a sales is made through the affiliate’s link, the affiliate receives credit for a conversion, and a predetermined commission is allocated to that affiliate’s account. The term “Cost Per Sale” refers to the expense which is incurred by the advertiser for the sale. Thus, if a product is $30 total, and the affiliate is compensated $18 for each sale, the CPS would equal $18. However, one thing that you should notice is that the advertiser only pays an affiliate for sales which are made, meaning that the advertiser too is making money. This is a great structure for advertisers who do not have the bandwidth sink money into advertising which might not produce results.

2. Cost Per Action or CPA: This is just how it sounds. A predetermined action is specified for which the affiliate is compensated. I really view this one as all encompassing, as the other three main compensation methods are based upon an action. Nonetheless, whatever the agreed upon action is, the affiliate earn compensation once it takes place. This if the action constitutes bringing customers to sign up for a free trial which the advertiser is promoting, the affiliate will be compensated for each new subscriber.

3. Cost Per Mille or CPM: This form of compensation is actually quite popular. However, I do not like it, at least from the standpoint of the affiliate network, because there is no really good way to measure the quality of the traffic. Essentially, how it works, is that for every thousand visitors which are sent to the advertiser by an affiliate, the affiliate is compensated in a predetermined amount.

4. Pay Per Click or PPC: Usually when you hear of PPC, someone is referring to the programs offered by the search engines. However, did you know that there are also PPC programs offered by an affiliate network? How it works is that an affiliate network will host websites and blogs which belong to a myriad of niche markets. The advertiser then posts their ads on websites and blogs which fit their niche market, and pay a fee each time a visitor clicks on their link.

There you have it. The four most common affiliate network structures. Nonetheless, I must inform you that while affiliate programs can be very lucrative, you have to approach them in the right manner. Do not simply throw traffic at your unique link and hope for sales. The truth is that very few buyers make a sale on their first contact with your website. Thus, it is important to provide your visitors with an incentive to provide you with their email address, and build your customer list. Thereafter, you can market to your growing customer list for years to come.

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