Affiliate Marketing Using The Cash Code

To gain money online you should know the right way to do it or else you will be lost and you will find yourself spending money on stuff that will not make you gain money. So you should find the right way and that is like what most successful people have done by entering the affiliate marketing field.

Mainly most people have chosen the path of becoming an affiliate which the shortest non expensive path that really makes money in a very short time. Now there are many and successful affiliates program out there that you can join and it is totally free. This does not mean that they are all great because some of them have many products but their commission is very low, some have really high commission but the competition in it is high and the products life time is short and I will explain that later, and some have a high commission but their affiliate program is not committed to its word if you know what I mean.

There are many affiliate programs that you can join but mainly ClickBank and Amazon Associates are the strongest and most know affiliate programs that you can join as start in this new career. So you can go to check these to programs to see which one suits you.

Something to put in consideration is how the affiliate program gives commission and how many products are there so if you come to look at Amazon it can gives up to 9% of the product price and that is very low but you get to choose from many categories and the life time of the product does not end which means that it stays in the market for a long time. On the other hand ClickBank gives a commission that could reach up to 60% of the product price and that is very high but this affiliate program has many competitors and the life time of the product is short.

You could be excited about becoming an affiliate but there is one very big disadvantage and that is that you are always at risk because at anytime the vendor could just cut down the commission into half or even the affiliate program could close and that is worse.

There is a safer method which is by becoming a vendor and promoting your own product and this is way too much profitable than becoming an affiliate since you will be gaining all the profits in your pocket. Secondly it is safer so you will not have to worry about someone cutting off your profit since you are the vendor. All that you will need to worry about is having a strong product that will be competitive with other product to have a successful online business.

Finally, it is preferable to be a vendor since the risk will be much more less than becoming an affiliate and at the same time you will make more money online selling your product.

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