Making a choice about which aerobic workout music to choose will depend on whether you’re working out with yourself, or a small to large group. For those of you out there looking for something to jazz up your home sessions; upbeat music that gets you inspired will be all that’s required. Choosing music for a crowd requires a little forethought, as you may be dealing with a group of mixed gender and more than likely — a generation gap.

Power-mix Compilations

Any kind of mixed CD you can find with the word “power” in the title will usually have a mixture of inspiring ballads, typically ranging from the early 80’s to modern day. Most power-mix CD’s make for great aerobic workout music and will have something for all musical tastes, including upbeat: dance, country, rock, metal, jazz and R & B tracks.

Rock Compilations

Rock compilations, particularly from the 80’s and early 90’s are a hit regardless the age of the crowd. Not all types of music are a hit for everyone, but rock music from this time period was romantic, wholesome and upbeat. Bands such as Whitesnake, Guns and Roses, Wilson Philips, Shania Twain — and many more all had great inspiring tracks that inspire all generations.

Dance Music

How could we discuss aerobic workout music without mentioning dance music? Many modern dance tracks are normal re-mixes of country, soft rock and hard rock ballads. Other hit dance tracks include modern artists like Rhianna, Justin Timberlake, Ashanti, Kanye West, Timberland and many more. Most aerobic exercises work well with a dance beat to keep their rythm.

*Whichever type of music you choose, don’t be afraid to mix it up with a bit of everything. As long as the music is upbeat (not slow and dull), very few people will focus on the artist or genre.

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