Advantages Of An Online Canadian Drugstore

With the rising cost of health care and medications in the U. S. Today, many are turning to an online Canadian drugstore for financial relief. Senior citizens are the hardest hit by drug prices in this country and now legislation has made it possible to order drugs from our Northern neighbor without any penalties. They have legalized the ability to get drugs from this country for the time being and many are taking advantage of it.

Many pharmacies in Canada are held to strict policies just as in the U. S. And they have regulating bodies that oversee their operations on a continuous basis especially with online pharmacies. You may have seen some advertisements for Canadian drugs that do not require a prescription. Know that these types of companies are illegal and most likely are scams. Do not deal with pharmacies that do not require a proper prescription. A reputable Canadian pharmacy will require that you provide them with a prescription from a licensed physician.

Popular prescription drugs are offered through Canadian pharmacies by as much as 80% off the retail price and they also price their drugs in U. S. Dollars for their American consumer’s convenience. Drugstores that advertise online with the promise of buying drugs without a prescription are scams or illegal and should not be dealt with. Online pharmacies in Canada require a prescription from a doctor in order to receive your medication, so do not let these sites fool you.

If you are unsure, there should be a telephone number and address where you can contact the pharmacy directly and speak to a representative who will assist you. The advantages to ordering medication online is that you can get more than a 30 day supply. Most Canadian pharmacies will fill your prescription for 90 days supply and give you the added benefit of refills for a year. You can also save a tremendous amount of money by getting your drugs from a Canadian pharmacy usually between twenty-five and eighty percent.

Medications are shipped to you through the mail and only cost a nominal amount for the shipping cost. This convenience is what makes shopping online so appealing to the masses and seniors in particular. The medications come in safety sealed containers that are tamper proof just like any other medication you would normally get. They are regulated and manufactured under the same care that U. S. Medications are only they cost less.

If you are a senior who has limited medical benefits or lacking proper drug coverage, a Canadian drugstore may be able to assist you. If you must pay out of pocket for your medications you should at least be able to get them at a discounted price. Many prescription drug plans for seniors fall short and that is where their Canadian counterparts pick up the slack.

There is no hassle from the government regarding this issue, in fact some government websites list Canadian pharmacies for consumers that have been checked out and are assured to be legitimate websites. Who knows what the future will bring when it comes to medication and pricing and if this law will always be in effect. Right now, it makes things a lot easier on consumers to just purchase their drugs elsewhere to avoid high prices.

Remember to only deal with online pharmacies that have been certified and approved and if you feel the need call the regulating bodies to see if the pharmacy is in fact legitimate. They will be able to tell you if the pharmacy is in line with current regulations.

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