Additional data protection measures, notification modes, and iMessage updates: Bloomberg has learned more about iOS 15

The company may introduce the new iOS at the WWDC online presentation, which will begin on June 7.

Sources told Bloomberg about the changes that will appear in the new iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. According to them, Apple will announce the update under the code name Sky at the world developers conference, which will be held from June 7 to June 11.
An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment. The publication’s interlocutors added that the company may still change the features or postpone them until a later update.
The company plans to add new notification modes: for example, “driving”, “sleeping”, “working”. Depending on the mode, they can set up automatic responses to messages and calls.
Apple is working on updating iMessage to eventually become a full-fledged messenger and better compete with WhatsApp. According to the sources, these changes are still at an early stage of development and may appear later.
The iPad will have the most significant home screen update since it first launched in 2010. Similar to the iPhone, Apple plans to allow users to place widgets on the home screen or replace all app icons with widgets.
There will also be additional data protection measures-Apple is developing a new menu that will show users which apps are surreptitiously collecting data about them. Although the company is already working to improve privacy, thousands of apps can still secretly collect and transmit data, writes Bloomberg.
The company is also planning a more minor update to macOS, Apple Watch and Apple TV, the publication adds.

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