Add Just The Right Touch With These Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

When planning a baby shower, there are so many details to consider such as the invitations, food, drinks, games, decorations, balloons and table setting. You want everything to look put together and cute for all of the guests and, of course, the mommy to be. Many people choose to select a specific theme for the shower and then everything they purchase to decorate matches the theme. That way it all looks impressive for when the guests’ first walk in, with everything matching and all set up. One major focus of the table setting is the centerpiece, which goes in the center of the dining table.

There are hundreds of centerpiece ideas for baby showers. Some are playful and cutesy, baby related, some just look pretty with the dcor such as floral arrangements, and still others are theme related and have to do with the theme the shower was planned around. Often times that is a certain pattern that all of the decorations have in common. Sometimes the centerpiece ends up being a gift for he mommy to be, such as the diaper bag cake centerpiece. Other times it can be a prize for winning one of the games at the shower. Here are some adorable centerpiece ideas for your shower from Take your pick, they are all equally appealing. Which is your favorite?

Pink Sweet Feet Lollipop Bouquet

This adorable little bouquet consists of 18 attractively wrapped baby feet lollipops in a decorative box with pastel baby like colors. This is truly adorable and will make a lovely centerpiece for any shower. The lollipop wrappers come as all pink, all blue or a mixture of the two colors, depending on the sex of the child. This centerpiece will arrive completely and readily assembled.

Pink Sweet Feet Lollipop Candy Bouquet $24.99 each

Bouquet Size: Approximately 12″ x 12″.

They will arrive completely assembled, no work for you!

Incredible Value!

3-Tier Diaper Cake Centerpiece

This centerpiece takes the cake! It is a modern pink and brown baby cake made from baby diapers and stands 3 tiers high. This piece is so clever and adorable, but best of all it will fit just about anyone’s budget at a very reasonable price. It also acts as a gift for the mommy to be complete with 60 disposable diapers in a size 2, perfect for baby! We will ship the diaper cakes wrapped in cute little tulle for an elegant and attractive appearance, which is easily removable for convenience and display purposes. This is truly a wonderful and practical gift for baby and mom and looks lovely on the table.

3 Tier Modern Pink and Brown Baby Shower Diaper Cake – $59.99 each

Dimensions of our 3 tier baby shower diaper cake is 10″ wide by 13″ tall.

Signature Vase with Floral Centerpiece

This Signature Baby Shower arrangement has a dual purpose. It acts both as a guest book and table centerpiece for your shower. Having your guests sign this delicate vase is a great way to remember all the friends and family that gathered for the occasion and allows each of them to write a special wish for you and your baby when it is their turn to sign. Who needs an old guest book collecting dust in the closet or on a bookshelf, when you can have this reusable and practical way to have your guests record their attendance?

This contemporary, sleek vase has a Scandinavian design and comes with a special marker to ensure that all the signatures will last forever. It also comes with detailed instructions on how to preserve the signatures on the vase.

Size: Measures 9 3/4 inches tall by 4 1/2 inches wide.

Capacity: Holds 75-100 signatures.

Materials: ceramic and dolomite clay.

Floating Flowers Centerpiece

This dainty little centerpiece works for just about any occasion. You can place one of these at the center of each table, if you are planning a sit down event, or place it on a buffet table for a classy looking centerpiece. Another benefit to using this centerpiece is that it can continue to be used as home decor. The arrangement comes in a round glass bowl with an opening of approximately 8″.

Dimensions: Round Glass Bowl Size: Approx 2 3/4″ height x 10″ diameter. The opening is Approx 8″ diameters.

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