Add Appeal To Your Interiors Through The Spring Wall Water Feature

Indoor Wall Water Fountains have recently emerged as a special source of serene bubbly delight. They offer a lovely environment for relaxation. An interior spout is a wonderful work of art. Your guests will be delighted with the originality of such a marvelous piece. The Sunrise springs impart a mysterious and an elegant atmosphere to your living area. They present lovely, stress relieving reverberations of softly flowing to the backdrop of your house.

Saga of the Watery Spring
These fountains are supplied with an adaptable splash guard, presented in a wide variety of materials. These stoppers are skillfully designed by the artisans to conceal the pump from our view. All the fountains go together with a pool liner composed of long lasting, heavy and durable materials. The constituent elements do not depreciate and are guaranteed to check any sort of leakage. This kit is supplied with a well water distribution feature.

Some water features encompass halogen lights that enlighten its beauty. It has a single knob that controls the water flow as well as the lighting system. For a dramatic party effect, it is endowed with a dimmer switch that presents a subdued coloration.

You may change its dimensions as per your wish or add a logo to personalize it. This water feature is easy-to-install and comes with a warranty.

Types of Watery Cascades

Pebble Splash Tray Wall Spring
These spouts enclose a splash tray comprising of pebbles and river stone. The splash guard of this water feature is adjustable. In this way, spattering is prevented and the genteel natural underwater gravel is held in place.

Wall Mounted Cascades
They are associated with a water proof pool liner. The inner liner of the basin is water tight, durable, tested multiple times, and do not go down over time. These cascades have a better-quality water distribution arrangement where, the stream flows slickly without clogging your charming fountain.


1. It occupies lesser space.
2. It is exclusively crafted for decorating the entrance halls and corridors.
3. The cascade is light weighted and easily fits in each and every corner.
4. If this watery spring is installed in you workplace, it will enhance your work capability, as it offers mental peace.
5. It is available in various vibrant shades, finishes and textures that make it the most fashionable decorative piece.
6. The sparkling halogen lightening system is stunning beauty that grants a soothing environment by the elimination of cat ions.
7. It does not produce any sort of noise pollution.
8. It is fabricated using sand, nuggets, marble, pebbles and stones and has an artistic effect.
9. It is easily accessible in vertical as well as, horizontal layouts.
10. It comprises of a single control knob that controls both illumination effects and water dispersal channel.
11. It is easy to install and use. This cascade requires an effortless, long lasting maintenance at a reasonable price.

Nearly all Water features have always been the center of attraction. But, the Sunrise Wall Water Cascade is an exclusive design which is becoming a leading style statement in the present state of affairs!

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