Add A Unique Touch With Wicker Furniture

A piece or two of wicker furniture can be found in almost every home, not only in the U.S. but all over the world. The Egyptians started this trend many years ago and it has barely lost any steam at all in its popularity. While this is predominantly an outdoor style for most people, there are a few who see the benefit of using it inside.

Some of the pieces that are available do look like they belong in the backyard for the most part, as they are designed for leisure living and exude this. They are designed and treated with polymers and sealers that help them withstand the rigors of being outdoors on the hottest of days and through inclement weather. The sealer is designed to be both waterproof and mold resistant to add to the life of the furniture.

Moving indoors, the wicker pieces have become more and more preferred by many people for their intricate weaves and unique patterns. These can be accent pieces or can be used to create a unique look in any room. Imagine bringing a little slice of the outdoors right into the living room, or even the bedroom, to create a relaxing atmosphere that brings to mind a spring day in the backyard.

When shopping for furniture of this type, color is really not an issue in most cases. Wicker is very versatile in that it can be painted or stained to match virtually any existing room dcor. For the most part, it can be found in a color that is ready for use and if not, a custom color can be added by most manufacturers.

Wicker comes in many colors, but white is the most popular one in use today. It is not a huge project for the homeowner to choose to repaint this to match any decorating idea they may have, provided the surface is prepared properly. Be sure to prime the wicker first before top coating it and wait four hours between coats of paint to ensure proper coverage.

Stained wicker is better bought direct from a manufacturer or supplier as the preparation needed to re-stain wicker is a very laborious one and if not done properly, can ruin the piece of furniture. The manufacturers and supplier have a full line of color choices available and some even offer unstained pieces for the homeowner to complete as a DIY project.

Indoor wicker furniture can transform a room in to a relaxing place to be. There are many models and styles of this that will fit in any dining room, kitchen or even the bedroom. This lets the homeowner bring a slice of summer living into the home all year long.

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