Summer is here and it is time to enjoy the outdoors. It is time to get away from the day to day routine of your job. It does not matter what you do rather you are stuck behind a desk or you travel the world, when summer gets here you want to have the sun on your face.

Talks of vacations have probably been circulating the office or your work area, and these talks have probably come into your home too. It starts with the age old question – what to do? And where to do it? How about this year, instead of the typical vacation of lying on the beach for days on end twirling that cool umbrella pick in your fruity cocktail, you try activity holidays on for size?

There are many fun things you can try during your activity holidays, such as:

1 – Kitesurfing: Also known as kiteboarding, this is the newest (and coolest:) – of the extreme sports. Basically, you stand on a form of a surf board, and a high performance kite glides you over the surface of the ocean, bouncing along the waves as you go on the ride of your life!

2 – You may also want to check out windsurfing. It is a lot like kitesurfing, you are on a board and the wind still moves you along the water. The difference is that you have a sail to maneuver.

3 – Scuba diving may be something that you would like if you enjoy swimming. You may want to take a scuba diving class, so that you can go diving. This can also be a way to meet new people that enjoy it too.

4 – If you are not afraid of heights you may want to try parasailing. You will have the thrill of a life time as you are high in the air behind a boat. Would you like to feel free as a bird, well this is your chance to fly threw the air.

5 – Finally if you want to keep your feet on the ground, a trekking trip is for you. You can hike and get back to nature. You will have the opportunity to experience all the wonders that nature has to offer you. You will have time to reconnect with yourself and enjoy a relaxing hike.

So what do you think? Can’t narrow it down to just one? Well, do them all! With activity holidays, that’s the point! You are only limited by your imagination, and of course, the fact that there are only 24 hours in the day. Other than that, you can fit as much, or as little in as you choose.

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