Acne Laser Treatment – What Is It?

Acne laser treatment has been been receiving a lot of fan-fare recently, as the effects of laser on collagen production have become well documented. The laser targets both correcting excessive production of acne-causing oil at the skin pore level, while also treating the deformed skin cells that cause acne scars from severe breakouts.

Acne laser treatment will kill the pore-clogging bacteria present on your skin, while shrinking the oil glands that produce oils that lead to bacteria, to prevent future breakouts. Secondly, any scar tissue that is present is vaporized and collagen production is promoted to eliminate scars.

Below you can find some basic facts everyone should know before undergoing acne laser treatment.

Cost Considerations

The cost for most procedures will vary slightly for each treatment center. Costs usually range from a few hundred, to upwards of a thousand dollars. The most important thing to consider, with relation to cost is that you do indeed get what you pay for. While most specialists that offer the procedure will be quite competent — due to the fact that they’re accountable for your welfare: It’s best to ask around and find a center that has a high rate of success and even guarantees results.

After Your Procedure

Some patients experience mild swelling of the treated area. This is very normal and a direct result of the healing process. The swelling that occurs is the body’s way of increasing blood flow to the area, to give your treated skin the nutrients it needs to heal.

The doctor, or specialist that performs the acne laser treatment will also have you use a UVA treatment to protect your skin against the sun, as your skin will be more sensitive for some days following the procedure since the laser will remove the damaged skin on the surface.

Most patients will notice results a few days following the treatment, as your skin starts to heal. In some cases two treatments may be necessary, depending on how much acne/scarring you have.

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